Moving On In the New Year

We often see the New Year as a new opportunity to start fresh on a new path. Maybe we will try something new this year, or have a new attitude about a current situation.  

The new year gives us a clean slate to move past the heartbreak, failure, and setbacks from last year.  What if, instead of thinking as those difficult times in your life as failures and setbacks, you look at them as an opportunity to redirect to a new path to achieve your goals.

surrogacy map.png

Perhaps this is the time when you attempt one last IVF, your first egg retrieval, begin your fertility testing or start your journey to surrogacy.  Remember, you don’t have to wait until a New Year for a New Start. Any time, any day, any hour, any week can be a step forward in a new direction to meet your goals.

What will you be moving on to in 2019?