Becoming an Intended Parent

Guided Family Solutions understands that everyone has a different experience that leads them to choose surrogacy or egg donation as an option to build their family. 

No matter how difficult your journey has been,  we are interested in helping guide you through the next steps of your story. 

Matching Process

Guided Family Solutions begins the matching process for the Intended Parents with a phone or in-person consultation.  We want to ensure that we understand your needs so that we can successfully match you with a qualified surrogate or egg donor.

Qualified surrogates and egg donors have had a background check, medical records reviewed, and completed a psychological screening.


As former Intended Parents, we understand the importance of treating each journey as a unique experience.  

We offer different pricing packages to fit your unique needs.  Learn more on our Pricing page

We will be with you every step of the way throughout your journey and look forward to being a part of building your family.